We Respect Your Privacy

We keep your data as long as you want us to. You can delete your data completely without any breadcrumbs behind.

  • SSL Certificates

    All network communications between CDN and Socketkit servers are end to end encrypted using ECDSA SSL certificates.

  • Verify & Sign

    All communications between third party integrations and Iftrue servers are signed and verified using HMAC SHA-512.

  • Network Firewall

    We reject all requests except Cloudflare to our internal servers to prevent unauthorized network attempts.

  • Web Application Firewall

    We use a state of the art web application firewall to track suspicious payloads and remove unwanted requests.

  • Encryption

    We encrypt and hash all of our users' credentials using Argon2 with multiple iterations.

  • Backups & Transparency

    We back up our data regularly to provide 99.99% uptime and inform users on service interruptions.

  • No code access

    We don't ask permissions to access your code base.