Autonomous teams with personal signals

Help your team take more calculated risks with iftrue. Our system is built to detect potential errors before they happen, and let you know if anything's wrong.

150+ Signals Help Your Teams Thrive

From productivity to well-being. We collect most important signals for engineering success.

  • Productivity Alerts

    • Cycle Time Alerts
    • Pending Git Actions
    • Abnormal Commit Activity
    • +30 more
  • Sprint Alerts

    • Issue latency
    • Blocker issues
    • Work-in-progress limits
    • Issue clarification
    • +20 more
  • 100+ More Signals

    • New member onboarding issues
    • Cognitive-Load & Burnout
    • Repository Health
    • Collaboration Issues
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"With iftrue's unique approach, we have fewer conflicts within our teams. Transparency and real-time alerts save huge amounts of time for managers."

Sonmez Kartal

CTO @ Connexease