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We help teams to create continues improvement from day one. Frameworks and metric systems that we use are science-backed. No toxic metrics included.

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Deployment Frequency

Increase your team's work product delivery with trends and insights.

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Lead time for changes

How long does it take to deliver your product changes to customers? In less than a minute, you can find out the average lead time for changes in your project, as well as the number of changes made.

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Mean Time to Restore (MTTR)

We monitor your server's performance to measure the average time it takes to restore from deployment failures, so you can compare them with your SLA's requirements.

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Change Failure Rate

Eliminate guess-work and prevent downtime with this new metric that detects how many outages occur on a weekly/monthly/yearly basis.

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What are DORA metrics?

Dora metrics, or DORA for short, is a set of four key metrics that measure the timely delivery of desired changes to customers. They are: Lead Time, Deployment Frequency, Mean Time to Resolution, and Change Failure Rate. DORA provides a framework to help you improve the metrics of your change process and thereby increase customer value.

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