Ship 4X faster, without extra workload

Iftrue gives full visibility over software development cycles and helps teams to work faster like they are on the same table.

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Power up your engineering teams

we build second screen for software teams

  • 2x efficiency

    Our carefully created insights will help your team excel.

  • 89% faster delivery

    Remove blockers, optimize your velocity.
    See where your pipeline is stuck, fix it, and ship at your maximum.

  • 90% sprint accuracy

    No more guessing. Get real data.
    Optimize your team's success during the sprint with real-time alerts.

Works with your teams favorite tools

Real time alerts for critical issues

If true automatically identifies critical issues during the sprint and sends them right into your Slack - so you're always up to date with your team's health.

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Clarity, transparency, and well-being

iftrue provides easy-to-read metrics, alerts, and analytics to help you identify the root cause of issues before they turn into problems—allowing you to make proactive decisions for your team.

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  • "I was always skeptical of measuring performance of developer teams, but after using iftrue the last couple of months, I couldn't be happier. Our customers really feel the difference in our product quality and it's been easy to improve our team cohesion - everyone feels like they're a part of something special. We're so much better now than we were before!"

    YC Backed Startup Founder

Align engineering work with your business objectives

Tools to Help You Lead

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    DORA Metrics

    By measuring & tracking DORA metrics & trends over time, developers, teams, and engineering leaders can make more informed decisions about what needs to be improved.

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    SPACE Framework

    If true enables managers to get accurate insights from SPACE framework, which is a framework from Github, Microsoft, and Victoria University that measures developer productivity.

  • Streaming icon

    We integrate to the tools you already use and take care of the time-consuming tasks.

  • Gaming icon
    Executive Reports

    Reports are a form of communication that can be used to convey the findings from an analysis. We provide actionable and clear data to help you make decisions efficiently.

  • Big data icon
    Export Data

    You can export data in any format you prefer: PDF, Excel, CSV are just a few of the formats we already deliver.

  • Startups icon
    Remote work

    We help teams and managers build better engineering culture by providing insights on well-being and developer satisfaction.

  • Benchmark your success

    We analyze and benchmark your teams against industry to build high-achieving teams.

  • Real-time alerts

    We collect 150+ signals from your team development activities and inform teams instantly. 

  • No Vendor lock-in

    Tools for engineering teams can change. There is no blocker on changing tools you use.

Curious about your engineering performance?

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