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Iftrue brings full visibility over software development teams to achieve greater efficiency and profitable growth.

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Transparent Teams, Better Results

Discover Iftrue’s powerful features, designed to maximize team collaboration and development performance.

Factual analysis fosters continuous improvement and enables clear insights to achieve full potential of development teams.

Profitable growth

Holistic Visibility Over Development Cycles

Turn bottlenecks into growth with performance analysis cross multiple development tools.

Easy Setup.
Iftrue is already integrated to existing developer toolset and does not require additional installation.
Data first approach.
Observe team activities as factual metrics, easy to improve and communicate.
Global Standards in Performance Measurement.
Iftrue depends on global standards, such as DORA metrics and SPACE framework, defined by industrial thought leaders and organizations.
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Pricing plans for teams of all sizes

Choose your plan according to your development team size.

Early Stage

For teams up to 10 developers


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  • Unlimited data retention
  • Up to 10 developers
  • 6 months history
  • DORA Metrics
  • SPACE Framework
  • Task management tool integration
  • Git tool integration
  • Messaging tool integration


For scaling teams up to 100 developers.


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  • Up to 100 developers
  • Unlimited data retention
  • Unlimited repositories
  • 12 months history
  • DORA Metrics
  • SPACE Framework
  • Task management tool integration
  • Git tool integration
  • Messaging tool integration
  • Periodic Feedbacks
  • AI powered insights
  • Individual reports
  • Premium support


100+ developers or Enterprise requirements.


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  • Unlimited data retention
  • Unlimited repositories
  • Unlimited developers
  • 12 months history
  • DORA Metrics
  • SPACE Framework
  • Task management tool integration
  • Git tool integration
  • Messaging tool integration
  • Periodic Feedbacks
  • AI powered insights
  • Individual reports
  • 24/7 Premium Support
  • On-premise Support

Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, email our support team.

    • What is the purpose of Iftrue?

      Iftrue aims to automate visibility on development processes for software engineering management, to improve and create better performing teams at lower costs.

    • How much can Iftrue reduce costs per developer?

      Iftrue targets 50% cost reduction, by increasing delivery speed, team collaboration, sprint accuracy and removing blockers. Faster onboarding and lower turnover rates are also critical cost benefits.

    • What does Iftrue depends on to decide which metrics to track?

      Iftrue uses DORA metrics and SPACE metrics as a globally accepted standard. Qualitative analysis are also included on top to achieve better visibility.

    • What is the code access policy of Iftrue?

      Iftrue does not require code access. Iftrue requires read access to actions, administration, commit statuses, deployments, members, metadata and organization events. Iftrue requires read and write access to issues, organization hooks, pull requests and repository hooks.

    • Is Iftrue supported and listed in git marketplaces and app directories?

      Yes, Iftrue is available in Atlassian marketplace. Github and Slack app directories are also in roadmap.

    • Does Iftrue provide personal track of developers?

      Iftrue provides personal dashboards with sensitivity on local regulations and developer privacy.

    • To provide required metrics, which tools does Iftrue needs to get integrated?

      Iftrue is integrated to git tools (e.g. Github), task management tools (e.g. JIRA), communication tools (e.g. Slack) and Calendar.

    • Does Iftrue work for both remote and onsite teams?

      Sustaining a developer culture in the company is the core focus of Iftrue. Remote teams and onsite teams are brought almost to the same level of visibility, with similar metrics and satisfaction levels calculated.

    • My different teams are using different agile methodologies, can I use Iftrue for all?

      Yes, multiple teams with different targets and methodologies can all benefit Iftrue platform. This standardization is mainly based on the globally accepted standardization of DORA and SPACE metrics.

    • Are there key benefits of tracking developer experience other than performance improvement?

      Creating a developer focused culture leads to a better environment for developers. Then it’s much easier to attract best talents to a desired workplace for developers.

    • What is the best team size to benefit from Iftrue?

      Any team size can use and benefit Iftrue platform. As the team size grows, Iftrue plays a more critical role on achieving the required level of visibility on team and developer performance.

    • What are the steps to install Iftrue?

      Iftrue is already integrated to required tools and ready to use. All you have to do is a one click authorization on the integrated platforms.

    • How long does it take for Iftrue to fully function once installed?

      There is no calibration period, depending on the team size, it might take up to 4 hours.

    • Does Iftrue provide previous metrics, what is the history range?

      History range starts from 1 year before the installation date.

    • Can I extend our 14 days free trial period?

      Yes, you can extend it for one time, please contact sales.

    • How can I benefit from the 40% discount?

      40% discount is a current campaign for Yearly subscriptions. Please select “Yearly” to benefit.

    • Does Iftrue has Enterprise packages?

      Yes, please contact sales for Enterprise requirements.

    • Does Iftrue offer longer subscription periods than 1 year?

      Yes, there are monthly, one-year and two-year billing options. Please contact sales.