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Enhance product cycles with full oversight, tailored metric interfaces, and swift feedback loops. Gather engineer insights, tackle bottlenecks, and scale your teams seamlessly with us!
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Discover unparalleled engineering prowess with iftrue, the #1 platform dedicated to fostering excellence. Elevate your team's potential and achieve peak performance in every project.

Go beyond metrics

Go beyond metrics

Metrics are just numbers. Learn from your developers to what to fix next.

  • Research-backed Questions
  • Ready to use Feedback Systems
  • Complete over Slack
  • Creates value from day one
  • Give developers voice
Research backed algorithms

Research backed algorithms

We use industry standard metrics and frameworks to build you the best dashboards.

  • DORA Metrics
  • SPACE Framework
  • Sprint Analytics
  • Outliers Handled
  • AI Powered

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in 3 months

Decrease in Burnout
Decrease in Development Cost
Time to Market
Increase in Collaboration


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