Our Story

We are on a mission to help tech companies create satisfying developer experiences and high performing software teams by identifying and removing bottlenecks in development processes so teams can deliver products on time, within budget, and with reduced stress.
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Our Why

Comprehensive visibility is essential for effectively managing engineering teams. Our journey with Iftrue began with the aim of uncovering the underlying drivers of certain behaviors, enabling organizations to foster a culture of transparency, fairness, and growth within their engineering teams. 

Software developers are skilled at expressing their ideas clearly and effectively. As managers, our focus should be on simplifying their work processes. We often refer to this as 'Developer Experience,' or DevEx for short. 

To enhance the developer experience, we must first identify and understand existing bottlenecks and challenges. However, this task cannot fall solely on the shoulders of managers. We recognize the importance of incorporating developers' perspectives to uncover hidden obstacles, which is why we embarked on our journey with a single guiding question in mind:
"How can we seamlessly integrate direct developer feedback with industry-standard metrics to drive actionable insights and foster continuous improvement?"

Shifting Perspectives, Embracing Collaboration

Often, managers rely on dashboards showcasing metrics such as commit counts, pull request counts, and others.

Whilst valuable when used effectively, they merely represent the outcomes of our actions.

To truly achieve excellence, we must delve into the "WHY" behind these metrics, which is our primary focus at iftrue.

Rather than leaving managers to make decisions based solely on intuition, we gather, assess, and present industry-standard metrics alongside developers' feedback - helping them comprehend the underlying issues in the workflow and chart a path toward solutions collaboratively.
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