Our Story

We are on a mission to help tech companies to create satisfying developer experiences and high quality software teams by removing the bottlenecks in development processes so companies can deliver products on time with less budged and less headaches.
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The Why

Managing engineering teams is a complex task and requires better visibility. We started to build Iftrue to reveal the underlying reasons of certain behaviors so that organizations can create a transparent, fair, and growth-oriented engineering team.

Software developers are smart people, they can reason things effectively and clearly. As managers, we should focus how to make their life easier. The best term to explain this might be "Developer Experience" or DevEx in short.

In order to increase the experience we should first understand the current bottlenecks or problems. This task is not easy and should not be done by managers alone. We need developers own perspective to see the unseen. This is why we've started our journey with one question in mind;
"How might we integrate direct developer feedback with recognized industry metrics to drive actionable insights and continuous improvement?"

From one person view to collaboration

Most of the time, the manager has a dashboard with commit counts, pull request counts etc...

All those metrics are great if we use them properly but they are just the result of activities that we've built.

In order to reach excellence, we need the "WHY" and this is what we are focusing as a company.

Instead of leaving managers alone to decide with their guts, we collect, measure and display the industry standard metrics combined with the developers feedback to help them understand the problem and path to solution.
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