Bridging the Gap between Metrics and Action

Transform data into decisive steps with iftrue, seamlessly connecting insightful metrics to impactful actions

Direct Developer Feedback

Our tool gathers and presents feedback directly from your developers, turning metrics into actionable insights. This lets you make informed decisions, rather than relying on gut instincts.

iftrue dashboard

Integrates Recognized Metrics

We utilize recognized industry standards like DORA metrics and the SPACE framework. Our algorithms give you a research-backed approach to improving your software delivery performance and team's work processes.

direct developer feedback

Fosters Continuous Improvement

Our approach doesn't end with presenting data. We help you translate this data into actionable insights, leading to a cycle of continuous improvement and tangible progress.

Driving Excellence through Insight

we've started with one question in mind
"How might we integrate direct developer feedback with recognized industry metrics to drive actionable insights and continuous improvement?"
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Developer Experience

Optimizing satisfaction and productivity in software development.
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DORA Metrics

Four performance measures driving effective software delivery and operation.
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Unlimited Historical Data

Full access to past data for trend analysis.
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Full Visibility

Complete oversight on all steps of the product development cycle.
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S.P.A.C.E Framework

A comprehensive method for improving engineering team effectiveness.
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Multiple Workspaces

Supports multiple organizations by separating them into different workspaces
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Focused Dashboards

Tailored interfaces highlighting critical metrics and insights.
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Toggle Outliers

Filter data points to maintain accuracy in metrics.
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Unlimited GIT Providers

Supports different GIT providers for the same organization or team.
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Team Profiles

Individual and team level metrics for targeted improvements.
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Factual Metrics

Reliable, data-driven insights for informed decision-making.
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User Management

Complete control over access and roles within the platform.
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Community Support

Benefit from shared knowledge and experiences of engineering managers.
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Qualitative Analysis

Deep, contextual insights beyond mere numbers.
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Curated Feedback Questions

Expertly designed questions for effective feedback.
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Expert Support

Access to industry veterans for insights and troubleshooting.
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Quantitative Analysis

Hard data for unbiased, objective assessments.
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Task Management Tool Integration

Seamless interaction with your existing project management systems.

We believe metrics alone are just numbers - they need the context of developer insights to bring about real, actionable change.
With iftrue, you'll have all the data at your fingertips, paired with the critical on-the-ground feedback, to make decisions that are guided by fact, not just gut feeling.

Why other solutions don't work...

In-house Solutions

  • Isolated Reporting‍
  • Complex User Management
  • Individual-Centric
  • Arbitrary Actions
  • Limited Scalability
  • Limited Workflow Support
  • Manual Feedback Collection
  • Rare Updates
  • Prone to Outliers
  • Limited Visibility
  • Limited Collaboration

Metrics-Centered Solutions

  • Ranking Teams/ Individuals
  • No actionable insights
  • No Feedbacks from Developers
  • No Guidance
  • Metric hell
  • Single GIT Provider Support
  • No self-start
  • No upper level reporting support
  • Lack of engagement
  • Code Access
  • No Sprint Insights
  • Limited Visibility
  • Prone to Outliers
  • No Collaboration

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